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Born in California, this multi-award winning artist started her artistic journey in 1991 when she received her BFA degree in printmaking. She began to seriously pursue painting after moving to Sacramento in 1999, and after further training and on-going practice has continued to exhibit her work nationwide ever since.  

She is a skilled draftsman and has a keen eye for subtlety which has earned her a reputation for paintings imbued with a natural realism, reaching beneath the surface of appearances to expose the subtle poetry of an honest, unguarded human presence in her subjects.

She is now settled in southeastern New Hampshire. 

  • Oil on Aluminium / Wood Panel
  • Sizes: 10×8″, 12×9″, 14×11″, 16×12″, 18×14″, 20×16″, 24×18″, 24×20″, 30×20″, 36,24″.
  • For Bespoke Sizing and Prices Please Inquire.