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A classically trained artist residing in the United Kingdom whose paintings have been exhibited nationally, and internationally.

He completed his atelier training at the London Atelier of Representational Art (LARA) in 2019 and has since moved to Manchester, UK. After setting up his studio, he now splits his time between painting new works and private tuition.

He first studied art at Sutton Coldfield College, where he received his Foundation Diploma in Fine Arts. He then moved to LARA in 2016 to study the traditional techniques used in 19th-century ateliers. He used the three-year program to develop his skill and understanding of painting and drawing techniques.

  • Oil on Canvas
  • Sizes: 12X16″, 20×16″, 26×20″, 30×24″, 36×28″, 40×30″, 50×40″.
  • For Bespoke Sizing and Prices Please Inquire.